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    Dog Water Bottle

    DOG WATER BOTTLE is a necessary kit when you are out home and when you are walking, hiking and traveling with your dogs. No more extra bowl, just one bottle, you could water your dog conveniently with one hand. This is leakproof travel water bottle with sealed ring. You don’t need to worry it will leaks in your bag or car.

    Feed your Dog Filtered water On-The-Go with the Eversweet Travel. The Eversweet Travel water feeder assists in removing heavy metals and harmful chemicals found in Non-Filtered water resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

    Filters water as your pet sips from the device.

    The ABS Anti-bacterial drinking tip is curved to the shape of your pet’s tongue to prevent loss of water while making it more convenient to hydrate. The thick outer shell is composed of natural coconut shells which naturally protects your water and thick enough to keep your water cold for 5 full hours.

    ITEM DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H: 9.84 x 3.5 x 3.5

    Comes with an included filter for 100 bottles, additional re-fills can be purchased as a 2 pack. Available in Multiple Colors

    Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.

    $34.99 $29.99
    Color : Grey - Green
  • The PETKIT HARNESSES AIR Quad-connecting adjustable cushioned chest compression dog harness is the virtuoso of all harnesses on the market today. Composed of waterproof coated reflective breathable mesh with 4 quality seat belt-like Nylon adjustable straps in 4 different areas for a pristine fit with dual sided securing heavy-duty detachable Velcro straps. The Harness Air features a Neoprene safety pull handle bar at the front for proper training or caring. The interior features body conformant stitching for added safety support and comfortability placing hugged pressure at the chest area. Features surround reflective tubed stitching at every seam for added night visibility and safety. Great for hiking or traveling outdoors. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

    Sizing Guide: Measure the Chest & Neck of your Pet (“In” Inches)
    SM: NECK: 7-9. CHEST: 11-13
    MD: NECK: 9-11. CHEST: 14-17
    LG: NECK: 11-13. CHEST: 17-19

    Size : Medium - Large - Small
    Color : Green/Black - Grey - Orange/Black - Orange/Blue - Pink/Black
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    • Intelligent Working Mode
    • Triple Purifying System
    • Ultra-silent Pump
    • Unique Water Flow Design


    The feature of the fountain to provide filtered and oxygen-enriched water is truly aimed at the health of the animal.

    ITEM DIMENSIONS: Length 7.75 × Width 7.75 × Height 6.62

    Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.

    Size : One Size
    Color : White
  • The 3 piece PETKIT Eversweet Carbon Replacement Filtration unit comes in a narrow rounded design and filters out and helps completely eliminate or screen any and all harmful chemicals and impurities found in contaminated or unfiltered water. Internally each filter features mesh screens with activated carbon and Ion-Exchange Resins. To only be used with the PETKIT Eversweet device. Includes 3 replacement filters.

    ITEM DIMENSIONS: Length 7.75 x Width 7.75 x Height 0.3


    Size : One Size
    Color : White
  • The 2 pack PETKIT Eversweet Travel Carbon Replacement Filtration units are only to be used with the EVERSWEET Travel device. The filtration units are composed of natural coconut shells and sold as a 2 Pack. The filtration unit helps filter out Heavy Metals and Chlorine found in contaminated or unfiltered water. Internally each filter features mesh screens with activated carbon and Ion-Exchange Resins. Each Carbon filter is to be used for 100 bottles, 200 bottle supply per pack.

    ITEM DIMENSIONS: Length 2.8 x Width 2.8 x Height 3.2

    Size : One Size
    Color : Black
  • The PETKIT FRESH METAL Large Smart Anti-Bacterial Bowl features a built-in Digital Scale which tracks the weight of food in both Lbs (Pounds) and Kg (Kilograms). Prior to pouring your pet’s food simply install or download the PETKIT Application and select the FRESH sub-application.

    Features a Built-in Digital Scale that converts weight from Grams to Pounds.

    Features a Dishwasher safe Removable Metallic bowl. Combine this device with any PETKIT Activity Tracker to Track Calorie Consumption with Calories Burned.

    2 Year Battery Life, 2 – AAA Batteries Included

    Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.


    Color : Grey - Blue - Orange - Wood
  • FRESH Is Awarded With iF DESIGN AWARD 2016

    You will get customized daily feeding amount with PETKIT APP, as a result, the food quantity can be more accurate and healthy to your pet. The bowl is now helping to weigh the exact food amount that we suggest.

    Strong Anti-bacterial Effect
    Away From Diarrhea

    Diarrhea mostly comes from food with bacteria. Our bowl which used BioCleanAct™ Material can effectively inhibit the bacteria from forming constantly.

    Advanced Anti-Bacteria Technology

    High Efficiency
    BioCleanAct™ is a new anti-bacterial material from organic family, which is covered all over the main body. It can restrain those bacteria which cause diarrhea constantly, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach and so on . Compared to silver ion(Ag+), it’s safer and more efficient in terms of anti-bacteria.
    PETKIT Bowl has been certified by several international standards, such as RoHS, CE, FCC and USA and Korea FDA (for BioCleanAct™ material). We do the best to keep your loved pets safe and healthy.

    Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.

    $59.99 $39.99
    Color : Black / White Pattern - Brick Pattern - Rainbow Dotted - Red / White - White
  • Introducing The PETKIT GO Bluetooth enabled smart leash. Simply install the PETKIT GO Application on all IOS and Android devices and pair with your smart phone. Once paired, the handle vibrates when receiving Notifications, Emails, Texts and incoming calls. Users can set a walking timer on their smartphone device and once the desired time is reached feel the vibration of the handle. Using MAPS this device tracks your actual walking route history on your smart phone. Users can also share their completed walking distances and roadmaps with loved ones and friends. The GO Leash also allows users to Pin Drop and share their location with a click of a button located above the handle. No need for batteries, simply re-charge this device via USB and showcases battery life on your smart phone. The Go Smart leash also features dual sided banded LED lights that are smart phone enabled and light intervals are controlled to 3 different settings of light and users can set a timer from their smart device to when they’d like these lights to automatically turn on and how they’d turn on. If you’re still not impressed, the GO leash features an additional super powerful frontal LED light that turns on by the click of a button located in front of the handle, great during night safety visibility. Features an ergonomic grip composed of soft rubber for superb handling and comfort. Comes with an included Tai-Chi leash that is composed of stretchable Nylon and built-to-last. The leash component buckles and snaps into place right into the GO handle like a seat-buckle, capable of withstanding over 1 full ton of pressure. Finally a device that tracks walking distances, times and walking routes for both dog and human health tracking. Additional color leash options are sold separately. Available in Multiple Colors.

    ITEM DIMENSIONS: LEASH: 48 IN – 53 IN when stretched. HANDLE: Length 4.64 x Width 1.00 x Height 4.8

    Size : One Size
    Color : Black / Yellow - White
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    PETKIT FRESH ELEMENT Smart Pet Feeder is an automatic feeder that keeps your pet’s food fresh & never gets stuck!

    Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.

    Like a nanny for your pets, PETKIT FRESH ELEMENT Smart Pet Feeder keeps your pets fed while you’re away from home, whether for work or travel.

    The PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder’s features include:

    • Scheduled feeding plan – You can use the PETKIT app to set up a feeding schedule as well as remotely control the amount and time the food is dispensed according to your pet’s needs via Wifi.
    • Kibble never gets stuck – PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder can dispense dry food of various sizes from 5-25mm without ever getting stuck; it has been tested a million times!
    • Keeps food fresh – The PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder has a 360° food-grade silicone sealing ring in the outlets where the food is refilled and where it is dispensed. It also has a moisture-proof box at the top to store the PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder desiccant packets. This keeps your pet’s food fresh throughout the day. Do remember to change the desiccant packs after every 30 days to ensure the food’s maximum freshness!
    • Manual feeding mode – PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder can also be used without a smartphone; just press the button on the feeder to dispense food.
    • Easy to clean – The tray that the food is dispensed into is made of stainless steel and easy to wash. The feeder can be wiped with a damp cloth.PETKIT Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder offers a reasonable storage capacity of 6lb (2.72kg) and the built-in weight sensor notifies you when food is running low.


    $219.99 $169.99
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    Dual mic and speaker features ensure a smooth interaction.

    If you’re at the office, turn on the mic on your phone, and just like that, your pets will hear you through Mate from home, where their response comes back to you in real time.

    The PETKIT MATE Smart WIFI Enabled Pet Video Monitor enables users to Speak, View, Listen and Play interactively with their pets from just about anywhere in the world. The PETKIT MATE also allows multiple users with granted access to monitor the very same device. This product comes with a 1 year warranty.

    Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.

    Wifi Enabled, simply install the APP and Connect.

    Available on all Android and IOS devices. Features a 720 HD Infrared Night Vision Camera.

    Features a Controlled Built-in Laser used to interactively play with your pet while you’re away.

    Color : Gold - Dark Blue - Wood Pattern - Yellow
  • Estimated delivery time: 2-6 business days.

    The PETKIT P2 Smart Pet Activity Tracking Device monitors and tracks Movements, Emotions, Health Conditions in addition to both Short and Deep Sleep intervals with a Calorie expenditure indicator built-into the PETKIT Application.

    Bluetooth Device Tracks Sleep, Calories, Activity and Moods.

    6 Months of Battery Life. Combine this device with any PETKIT Fresh Bowl to Track Calorie Consumption and Calories Burned.

    Cloud Based and Compatible on all Android and IOS Devices

    Color : Gold - Teal / Blue - Grey - Purple - Red